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Leaving a restaurant

New York - April 27th, 2016

Emma wore a grey tweed coat over a thin black sweater and a pair of black skinny trousers. She also wore her Jenni Kayne D'Orsay Flats and carried her Rag & Bone Grayson Drawstring Leather Backpack, accessorizing only with a couple of rings in each hand.

Creating your Look! Overall, for this outfit you'll need some basic pieces: a black sweater or long-sleeved top with a round neck, a pair of skinny-legged jeans or trousers, and black leather flats with poited toe, preferably D'Orsay style. Then, you'll need to find a plaid or tweed coat in grey/black/white tones, and a drawstring backpack in black leather with front pockets. You can accessorize your look with your favourite jewellery, but keep it simple.

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