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At the Florida Panthers - New York Rangers Game, New York City Nov.21.2009

What Emma Wore

This event was a rather casual, but still glamourous, look for Emma. To start she sported some sext black straight leg jeans, a one shoulder shirt, and a warm red plaid jacket, with fur detail. She also sported some green and silver chandlier earrings, two small diamond rings, and a gold bangle. This was a perfect outfit for Em, and she even keep her self warm.

What Emma Wore

Dress Guide

The Shirt
To break it down lets look for the shirt. Any details is fine, but make sure it is black and one shoulder. Also keep it flowy. You dont want it too tight to the body, this will help balance the skinny jeans.
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The Coat
Emma's coat is a warm fleece coat with red and black plaid pattern. On the hood is brown wilf fur detail. This is a real simple find, just lookg for a plad coat, to the legnth you want, and be sure to have the fur detail on it.
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The Other Stuff
Emma wore lots of other things with this out fit, so we will jsut go in order. First off, the jeans. Simple pick some black straight leg jeans, but not leggings. Next find a patent leather bag with a gold chain. ou can choose a bag of your choice really. Next find a gold or silver colored bangle. Try not to mix up so much, though. Then you will want to find a pair of green chandeler earrings. They can be green and gold or green and silver. Then a black red and white plaid scarf, and some black pattent leather pumps to top it off.
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