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Shopping in Hampstead

London, England - February 2nd, 2009

Emma looked comfy cozy on this cold February day in a blue cable-knit sweater, her Topshop Indigo Baxter Skinny Jeans, a pair of Uggs Classic Short Boots and a thick cable scarf in grey. She accessorized lightly with one very small and circular stud earrings in gold and a single thin ring in silver. Emma also carried her Lacoste University Horizontal Tote Bag with her as she shopped.

Creating your Look! Copy this comfy, casual look with a cable knit sweater. Emma's sweater is oversized. You don't want it to be tight against the body, let it flow neatly on you. Any color is fine, but neutral is best. For a direct copy look for a light blue or grey-blue sweater. Next look for a pair of jeans with a dark wash. They can be any style, a pair of skinny jeans would work best with this look. After your sweater and jeans look for a pair of fleece-lined short ankle boots in a light beige color. If you don't like the look of Uggs you can also get this same effect with a pair of pull-on short ankle boots.
Finish off your look with a few simple accessories. First a pair of teeny tiny stud earrings that are circular in shape. You can wear any style either in silver or gold. Second a very thin ring in silver. Third you'll need a grey canvas tote bag that is somewhat oversized. Finally you will need a grey knit scaf to add some extra warmth.

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