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Vanity Fair Pre-Oscar Party

Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles, California - March 4th, 2018

Emma wore a black Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 Velvet Gown With Embellishments with a pair of black Roger Vivier Sin Pumps in Silk Satin. Inside, while socializing, she carried a Tyler Ellis Small Round Aimee in Black Crushed Velvet.
Emma added many accessories to her look by both Ana Katrina and Ana Khouri inlcuding an Ana Katrina Sumerian Blue Sapphire and Diamond Spiked Cuff, an Ana Khouri Diamond Mirian Ring, and a Vrai & Oro Baguette Diamon Tennis Bracelet. On her official instagram account she credits a pair of earrings by Vrai & Oro, however, because there are no clear shots of Emma's ears it's difficult to tell which pair of earrings she is wearing.

Creating your Look! There are a few ways to recreate Emma's look. First things firts, you'll need a black or a very dark navy blue colored dress in a soft material like velvet. For the best copy you'll need to find a dress with a sleeveless halter cut and a jeweled neck. Depending on your preferences you can either wear a dress with a floor-length cut or something shorter. Emma's dress also has a jeweled neckline. There are dresses with built-in jewels but you can also add a set of long layered gold necklaces over your dress to mimic the look.
After your dress you'll want to find a pair of black mules in a satin-like material with a shorter heel that has a wide band with a silver or white embellishment. For an easier version look for a solid pair.
For accessories start off with a bracelet or bangle in silver or gold with an open cut. Another way to recreate the look of Emma's bracelet is to find one with a criss-cross design. Either way your bracelet should have diamonds or rhinestones. Next you'll need another bracelet. This time you'll need one with a thinner band that is encrusted with diamonds or rhinestones.
Finish off your accessories with a few different rings. First, on one hand, wear a half circle ring with diamonds or rhinestones that comes as close to matching your open bracelet. Second, spread over your fingers of both hands, you'll need a set of rings in varying designs. Finally you'll need an evening clutch in black satin with an envelope closure.

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