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Visiting Malawi with UN Women

Lilongwe, Malawi - October 11th, 2016

During her second day on Malawi, Emma wore an Edun Resort 2017 Organic Canvas Blazer paired with a pair of Organic Canvas Flare Pants, and Ancient Greek Niove Sandals. She also reused her pair of Tada & Toy Basic Silver Hoop Earrings, All Blues Satiated Snake Bracelet and two Satiated Snake Rings, all in silver, and carried a Simon Miller bag in green suede.

Creating your Look! Although this look is formal in essence, it's also very light and deconstructed. You will need a double-breasted blazer, or a V-neck top that should fit loosely and have 3/4 sleeves, and a pair of cropped flared trousers or culottes. Both pieces should be in canvas or a similar lightweight fabric, and matching in light colours. Then, look for a pair of flat strappy sandals in beige or tan. For your accessories, you'll need a small suede clutch and a couple of simple jewellery pieces in silver, such as small hoop earrings, a bracelet and some rings.

What Emma Wore

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Buy her exact Ancient Greek Niove Sandals here | Tada & Toy Basic Silver Hoop Earrings here | All Blues Satiated Snake Bracelet here | All Blues Satiated Snake Ring here

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