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The Circle

Playing Mae Holland

Mae wore another casual look consisting of a green colored burnout t-shirt, some skinny jeans in a medium wash, and a pair of light brown colored flats. She accessorized with a set of silver rings in a variety of designs and a golden necklace with a small ball pendant.

Creating your Look! To recreate this casual look you will need a green t-shirt in a burnout style and a pair of skinny jeans in a medium wash. It's difficult to see the exact shoes Mae is wearing because the photos we have a blurry, but we can assume that she's wearing a pair ofballet flats in a light brown or tan color. You can wear some flats with a short heel or no heel at all and in any material you'd like. Leather or faux-leather will add a sleeker feel to your look. A pair of canvas flats or suede flats would give off a more casual feeling.
You will need two accessories to add to this outfit. First you'll need a necklace in gold with a short chain and a circular pendant and second you'll need a set a silver rings in many different styles and designs to spread out between your fingers on both hands.

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