Frequently Asked Questions



Does Emma have an official site, or anything else online?
Emma’s official site is Emma Watson Official – As of 2013, however, the site is no longer working. The domain is still there, though, so it might come to life again in the future.
As of 2010, she also added an official Twitter (@EmWatson) and Facebook Fan Page (Emma Watson) to her social networking portfolio; in 2013, she also joined WhoSay.
Feel free to follow Emma (and us!) to stay updated with the latest Emma news.

Do you have Emma’s email/address/telephone or mobile number?
Sorry, no, we are not in contact with Emma and don’t have any contact information for her other then her official fanmail address. Even if we did have that information in our possession, we would be unable and unwilling to give it out.

Can you give Emma a message for me?
Again, sorry, but we’re not in contact with Emma and therefore any messages for her you send to us will be deleted and go into the world of deleted internetdom.

Is she still attached to [X movie]?
Talking about “Napoleon and Betsy”, Emma said: “It’s a project I love and am attached to, but I don’t know if or when it will happen. I hope it does. I’m afraid that’s the nature of filmmaking. You learn to not become too emotionally involved as scripts come and go and many of them never get off the ground.”
This applies to any project that Emma might be rumoured to be part of (“While we’re young”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Your voice in my head”…). You can always check her IMDb page to be sure!

Emma’s Facebook Q&A

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you regarding fame?
My mum said to me very early on in my career, “Never give anyone information that you aren’t comfortable discussing at any time, anywhere and with anyone – once you open the door on a subject it’s very difficult to close it.” That is very true and I am a very private person. It’s not always easy to follow but I try to keep it in mind. A film critic also once told me that acting was unlike any other in the entertainment industry – an actors job is to tell other people’s stories; to suspend an audiences disbelief and make them believe you are who you are portraying. That job is made almost impossible if your audience know too much about you, the actor, as a person. That has always stayed with me and the older I get the more I see the wisdom in it. However, as much as I might want to do that, I have to acknowledge that it’s not totally possible with the way my career turned out! People have watched me grow up and I think Harry Potter became more famous than I or I think anyone ever anticipated.

What advice would you give to your nine year old self?
I think I would have asked more questions of some of the amazing actors on the Potter films – Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Gary Oldman, Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter, Kenneth Branagh – everyone – but I was only nine!

What’s happening with Beauty and the Beast?
Guillermo del Toro, the director, has just finished editing his last film and is working on the script and pre-production for Beauty and the Beast.

Would you be interested in directing/producing?
Absolutely. I still have a lot to learn but I would definitely like to do something like this in the future.

Are there any more fair trade collaborations on the horizon?
There has been a lot of speculation about my People Tree collections, with stories running that they ‘failed’ or that I was unhappy. This was really strange because I felt the opposite of this. From the two collections I did with People Tree overall sales were £446,000 which was a huge surprise. The collections generated work for 400 farmers, artisans and tailors! For me though, the most important part of the collaboration was that I was able to raise the profile of Fair Trade fashion which I think I did successfully. I visited Bangladesh to see the clothes being made and spoke with the factory workers first hand to understand what the real issues were so I would be able to talk about them in an informed and real way. In terms of other collaborations, I have decided I want to put all of my energy into my acting career but it was something I really enjoyed doing,learnt a lot from and am glad I did.

What sort of movie roles are you drawn to? Would you do another blockbuster franchise?
I am definitely staying away from blockbuster franchises for a while! In terms of the type of parts I am drawn to, I need to be interested in the role, and who I would be working with. The director’s vision is key. Sometimes what’s on the page isn’t always representative of what a piece can ultimately become and a great director can take a good script to another level and make it incredible.

Lucy in My Week with Marilyn was a small role – why haven’t you been taking lead roles recently?
The reason I hadn’t at that point taken on a full length part and had been doing some modelling work was because I did not have the time to dedicate to a lead role in a full length film as I have been studying for my degree. These smaller roles have also given me the time to learn a few different methods of film making. Smaller, more independent films sometimes allow more room for me to learn and grow.

What would Harry and Ron say about Hermione being in Perks?
Harry and Ron aren’t real people and I think that is confusing for people sometimes but I hope that Daniel and Rupert would like the film ! I am no longer playing the role of Hermione even though I love her dearly! I played her for so long of course it’s going to be hard for people to detach me from her but I am Emma and an actress and I hope I have many different people’s stories inside of me. If I am lucky Hermione will be just one of many female characters I will play during my career.