The master list of all the people who have helped with the site in some way; they’ve tipped us, found matches… without them, Sassy! would be very bare indeed. The items’ availability may not last forever, but our gratitude does.
NOTE: If your name’s been omitted, please correct us.



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Outfit Matches

Presently, our matches finds come mainly from the Vogue&Chic forums, as well as other sources which are too many to list. However, these are some of the people we would like to thank for their contribution in the past:

Abigail, Alex, Alex, Ali T, Alice, Allison, Ally, AllyKat10, Amy, Amy, Anastasia, Andiee, Andrea, AngelLaura, Ann, Anna, Annie, Anonymoose, Arwen, Becky, Bellatrix, Bex, BlahDotCom, Brandi, Brooke, Brycee, Buttah, Caitie9, Caitlin, Camille, Caryn, Cat, Cate, Catherine, Chandler, Chelsey, Chii, Christina, Claudia, Cole, Corrine, Danielle, Demi, Diana, Dre, Ekramka, Elissa, Elle, Emalie, EmGurl140, Emilie, Emily, EmmaWatsonRocks, Emmers, Emmy, Erin, Evelyn, FashionQueen, Faye, Fei-Fei, Fernanda, FleurDelacour, Flirtatiously89, Flo, Gabi, Gabriella D, Giada, Gretchen, Haley, Heather, Hermione 188, InSiriusDenial, IsisAzariel, J-Me, Jamie, Jeanette, Jenny, Jess, Jessica, Jill, JilliBean13, Jinaye, JL Swim, JP Moua, Julia, Kadda, Kai, Kassi, Kate S, Kateryna, Katie, Katie M, Kayles, Kaylie, Keira, Kellie, Kelly, Kilikina, King Emily, Kiwi, Klaudia, Kristen, Kristina, Laura, Lauren P, Lauryn, Layla4Dan, Lena-Chan, Linnea, Lizzie, Lydia, Lynn, Lyndsey, Magda, Marie, Marissa, Marte, Marti, Martine, Mary, Maureen, Megan, Megan, Meaghan, Melissa, MillieXX, Minna, Mione, Miri, Miss Kelly, Miss Kurdapya, Monica, Monike, Mushu036, MusicNote, Nat, Natalie, Nikki, Olivia, Oyku, Pam, Pyro, Rachel, Rebecca, Reva, Rivendell, Roni, Ruta, Samantha, Samantha J, Sami, Sammy, Sara, Sarah, Serena B, Shaina, Shannon Kennedy, Shanti, Sheikooz, Shepa, Sofia, Sophie, Stacie, Steak3, Stephanie, Stephy, Sydney, Tiffy, Trina, Vicky, Victoria, Whitney, WorstWatch2, YellowCat