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Revamps: HBP Hermione

Hi everyone, happy Sunday!! Today I’ve got a major update: 13 revamped guides for Hermione’s style in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Can’t believe I’m done with that! yay.gif If you know of any exact matches that I missed, please let us know.
I’m going to keep revamping the Hermione section until we get new Emma appearances!

Revamps: 2010 Candids

Happy Friday! Today I have two more revamps for you! This time I’ve got two candid guides from 2010. The first: Arriving at JFK Airport in New York on May 4th and the second is Arriving and Leaving the New London Theatre in London on June 6th!

Enjoy these revamps everyone! Emma news is still pretty slow so I’ll be continuing these revamps for a while it seems. Have a safe day today and a relaxing weekend!

Revamps: 4 Candids from 2009

Hello everyone! Have you all been having a good week? We’re halfway done!
Today I have four new revamps for you all! The first is a revamp of Emma’s outfit while out on the town in April.

The second is of her outfit when she arrived to the Late Night Show with David Letterman in July. The final guides are both outfits worn while Emma attended Brown University. I hope you all enjoy these revamped guides!

Revamps: InStyle Photoshoot (2007)

Hello everybody! I’m finally done revamping the fifties-inspired photoshoot session for InStyle Magazine in 2007, from which new outtakes were released this year. It’s one of my favourites, and so much fun to make! I hope you’ll like it, too, and get to dress like this!
Besides that, I have updated one of the guides from the Glamour US photoshoot in 2012 with a new exact match that I found yay.gif Enjoy!!

Revamp: Counting Down to DH Part 1

Happy Friday everyone! Did you all have a nice week? Are you ready for the weekend?
Today I have one revamp! Back in August of 2010 Emma showed off her new chopped hair style and helped kick off the 100 Day Countdown to Deathly Hallows Part 1!
I hope you all enjoy this quick little revamp! I’ll keep making these until we get some new Emma news!
Have a safe and happy weekend!