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Style: The Circle Reshoots

Hello all! I’m back again with another guide for you all! The first new guide of 2017! Emma returned to Los Angeles to reshoot some scenes for her newest film, The Circle. I’m treating this as an on set guide because I’m not sure if this outfit is a costume for Emma’s character or if this look is Emma’s own. However, since the movie is set in a modern setting I figured that it could go either way and since Emma is doing reshoots I thought it would be best to place this guide in the On Set section of the site. I hope you all enjoy this easy look!

I have one more candid guide to complete and I’ll try to get that posted as soon as I can!

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Style: Domino Holiday Pop Up Party

Hello all! I’m back again with another guide. At the beginning of December Emma attended the Domino Magazine Pop Up Party in a low-key comfy casual look consisting of a dark grey wool coat, a black top, a pair of dark skinny jeans, a beige scarf, and her pair of Saint Laurent Patti Leather Army Boots. This is a very easy look to recreate since it’s made up of some classic pieces. Enjoy!

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Style: 11/02/16 London Candid

Hello all. I’m so so sorry for my long absence from the site 🙁 The end of 2016 was not very kind to me and I’ve been trying to recuperate from everything that happened. So far 2017 has been very tiring and trying but I’m doing my best to stay positive and move forward! So today I have one of the last candids from 2016. Emma was spotted in London early in November. I hope you all enjoy this quick guide. I’ll try my best to update the site with some more guides more frequently from now on.

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Revamps: HP&DH Pt2 – UK Premiere and After Party

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but to compensate, I decided to revamp two old looks that are perfect for any fancy holiday parties you might have this season: Emma’s looks at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Premiere, and the After Party for that event! Both are gorgeous looks, aren’t they? Enjoy, and I hope you’re having a nice holiday season!

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Style: Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards

Hello everyone! First off, as a non-American I just want to say my heart is with all of you who hoped for a better outcome for yesterday’s election. Keep fighting and stay strong x

I thought, since I haven’t posted in a while, I could work on this guide with the hope of maybe distract you for a little bit. Emma was beautiful and sporting a very witchy look as she accepted her “Inspirational Woman of the Year” award.

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