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Site updates: V&C Forums suspended

UPDATE: Guys THE SITE aka the place you’re reading this right now and where we post guides ( isn’t going anywhere!! This post is about the Vogue&Chic FORUMS ( I got a couple of panicked comments about this, which is why I’m clearing it up in case it wasn’t obvious.

Hi everyone! Sorry to bring you bad news today. Since Saturday, our Vogue&Chic Forums have been suspended because there hasn’t been much activity going on for the last couple of months. The forums were a wonderful thing (I remember back in the old Proboards days it was thriving with activity!) and a great tool for us behind Sassy, which is why I wanted to keep them going after I took charge of the site. However, we’ve been forced to move a couple of times, many of our members didn’t come back, and the activity we used to have has dropped enormously. Not to mention that the Bonnie Wright style site we were partnered with went offline and the interest in Bonnie’s style dropped as well; then we partnered with CoutureVixen, hoping to bring Jennifer Lawrence fans, and it didn’t happen.

I’ve consulted with our host about it, and they said they’d unsuspend the account if I were able to get more activity going on. Again, the forums were a great resource for Sarah and I because some of you took the trouble to find old exact matches from eBay, and it was awesome to talk to you all, but it’s not enough traffic as to justify having the domain.

I want to ask all our visitors to please give us your opinion on the poll below so I can make a decision. I’d be really sad to let the forums go (especially for any exact matches we might have not saved), but it’s pointless to fight for them if they are so little used.

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Welcome back!

Hello, everybody!! I know you might have seen the site online and were confused by this; however, FS is still closing so we needed to move to a new domain, like explained below. Thankfully, Flaunt Network accepted us, and we couldn’t update the site until the transfer was complete. I’m happy to announce that, as of yesterday, we’re part of the Flaunt family!

As I also explained, we needed to get a new domain as well. Please change your bookmarks to and!

I’ve been working hard since yesterday to change the theme, featuring Emma’s latest photoshoot for Vogue UK. So exciting! Please take a look around the site, and let us know if you encounter any broken links or visibility problems.

We’ll be back with more guides as soon as we can! Working on Sassy! is a lot of fun, but it also takes a considerable amount of work and time, so we’d really appreciate it if you could let us know whenever you like our guides or if you have any suggestions to make. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Site Downtime

  Hi everyone! I have some not very pleasing news to share. Our host,, is closing, which will force us to find a new host for both Sassy and the Vogue & Chic Forums. All the sites hosted by FS will be unavailable for public viewing starting tomorrow, August 10th. I’ve already contacted a different hosting site and was hoping we’d be able to get a new domain soon, but I’m afraid that won’t be happening before tomorrow, so both the site and forums will experience a downtime. Hopefully we’ll be able to sort this out in as little time as possible.

For legal reasons beyond FS’s control, we won’t be able to keep our domain names, so please keep an eye on any of our social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr) where I’ll announce the new extension! (but don’t panic, because FS will redirect your for two months after we’ve moved.)

Please wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed! Have a nice week!

Site News

Hi everyone!! I don’t have any new guides today; this is a quick update to let you know about some changes you might have noticed already. For reasons that I won’t bore you with, I’ve decided to change from FusionNews to WordPress just for the news section. This brought a few little changes that you might notice yourself, but otherwise I managed to keep the old style.

The problem I’ve encountered and am still trying to figure out is transferring all the news we posted using FusionNews: I was able to do it importing  the RSS feed, but for some reason, it only takes 26 of the +600 posts we’ve made. Also, it doesn’t recognize what went under the Read More cut, which is why you’ll only see a Read More and the guides posted under it in the first post, that I edited manually. A third problem is that, as I’m the one who did the transfer, it automatically creditted me as the author of all the posts, so ignore that.

We could wipe the slate clean and start over, since the guides are still there in The Closet, but like I said, I’m working on trying to fix these problems because it would really be a shame that we lost all our archives (which we will, because I’ll have to delete FusionNews eventually). But I can’t promise that I will find a solution, so if anyone thinks they could help me out, I’d be eternally grateful!! Have a nice weekend!