Style: Batb Facebook Live Chat

Hello everybody! Sorry for my absence, let me make it up to you with a new guide! Back when Emma was promoting Beauty and the Beast she and some of her fellow cast members, as well as the director, sat down and answered fan questions during a Facebook Live Chat. Emma looked lovely in a little black dress with some gold accessories.
I hope you all enjoy this guide!

Style: Interviewing Rupi Kaur for Our Shared Shelf

Hello again! Today I have a brand new guide! Recently Emma interviewed author Rupi Kaur about her collection of poetry that is being featured in Emma’s book club (Our Shared Shelf). I hope you all enjoy this guide!

Style: BatB Table Read

Hello again all! How are you? Is September being kind to you? I had some free time after class today to make another quick guide for you all (these tv guides really are the perfect size for making guides quickly) .

This look is very simple and lovely. It should be very easy to recreate and would be perfect for a casual day running errands or meeting up with friends for lunch on the weekend.

I hope you all enjoy this guide!

Style: BatB Promo #2

Happy September everyone! Wow! It feels like the year is just flying by!
Today I have a new guide for you all! It’s another outfit from Emma’s press tour for Beauty and the Beast.
I’ll continue working on the television section of the site for now until any Emma news pops up!

I hope you all enjoy this guide!

Little Changes

Hello again everybody! As you may have already noticed, the front page looks slightly different. A lot has happened behind the scenes and we are working towards getting everything back to normal. So please try to bear with us.

I’d like to apologize for my absence from the site recently. I’m back at college and I can already tell that my workload this year is going to be much heavier and require a lot more attention than previous semesters. I hope you all can understand and I will always appreciate how patient you all are!
I will do my very best to balance my attention to both my schoolwork and to Sassy!

Much love!

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