Revamp: 2006 O2 Wireless Music Festival

Hi again everyone!! Today I’m posting the second guide I finished this week, which is Emma’s funky look at the O2 Wireless Music Festival in 2006. I remember somebody in the forums had found the exact fabric of the dress, but I’m afraid we’ve lost it, so as always, if anybody still has any exact matches, please let us know!

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Style: June 29th London Candid

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, huh? Today I have the newest Emma candid guide for you all! On June 29th Emma was seen shopping in London. She wore a very comfy casual look that is very easy to recreate! I hope you all enjoy this guide, I’m still working on the Met Gala vanity guides right now and they should be up soon!

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Style: June 3rd London Candid

Hello all! Long time no update! Sorry about that! Today I have a new guide for you all! On June 3rd Emma was spotted in London both on her own and with a friend. The outfits from both shots are exactly the same with only one or two differences so I’ve combined them into one guide! Emma wore a lovely casual and chic look while out and about. I hope you all enjoy this guide! I’m still working on the vanity guides for the MetGala appearance so I’ll post those next! I hope you’re all looking forward to them! Have a great rest of your week everyone and a lovely weekend!

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Style: Met Costume Gala 2016

Hello all! I’m sorry for the long wait! I had some personal issues that took precedence over the site and this guide but now things are all settled and I have the guide for Emma’s custom-made, plastic water bottle look at this year’s Met Costume Gala. While Emma’s dress is made from plastic water bottles, you can recreate this look with traditional fabrics. I hope you all enjoy this guide! Also! We’ve been asked to create a vanity guide for this look so I’ll be working on that next! 🙂

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